About me…

Hello! My name is Emma Brennan, I know that this is for CPSC 240 (maybe I’ll make it into my personal website…) but before that, I’ll say some fun facts about me.

First, I’m the youngest in my family. I have a sister, who is 26, and a brother, who is 25. They both went to CNU, and my brother now lives in Arlington and my sister lives in Charleston. My dad is a contractor for the government, and my mom is a homemaker, but she used to be a teacher.

I have three pets – a cat named Mr. Whiskers and two dogs named Lola and Sadie. I’ll put some pictures of them below…

This is Lola, she’s 3.
This is Sadie, she’s 2.
This is Mr. Whiskers, aka Kitty, and he’s 11.

Some more fun facts…

My favorite Marvel is Daredevil, and I really hope the new show they’re making is good.

Matt Murdock, as seen in Marvel’s Defenders.

That’s it for now… hope you enjoyed it.

Here’s a bonus, some of my favorite songs.