Reflective Writing (CPSC 240)

Reflective Writing 5: The Gender Gap

The gender imbalance is a problem in the computer science field because there is a pool of talent that is not being tapped into. It’s also a problem because there is a shortage of computer science people, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a balance of men and women in computer science, but this died down quickly after it happened.

I think the most significant contributor to the cause of this gender gap is probably the different beliefs that come with being a man or a woman. As said in the article, women and men have different ways of thinking about the talent they may have, especially when it comes to the IT field. I know that I felt I couldn’t do computer science and didn’t have the skills fit for it. However, I was wrong. I feel like many women simply go into what fits their assumed skill set, which leads to fewer women in roles that are more fit/assumed to be for men.

I think women also may not be taken seriously in male-dominated fields, which leads to a reluctance of women to go into those job fields. That has happened to me before, when I’m working in a group and come up with an answer/say something and I’m kind of ignored, which gets annoying.